Parking at Prague Airport - Safe and Worry-Free

Make your reservation, park comfortably, have our shuttle take you to the airport in a matter of minutes. Enjoy your vacation knowing that your car is completely safe in the meantime.

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Why choose Prgparking for Parking at Prague Airport?

Fast Transfer There and Back

Our shuttle will take you to the airport without delay. Upon your return to the airport, you will be promptly transported back.


Non-Stop Operation

Our car park operates all year round, 24 hours a day.


Guarded Parking Lot

Your car will be under the supervision of security guards. Security cameras and a high fence go without saying.

We Are Insured

We have insurance for all common dangers that may threaten your car. But don't worry - it's unlikely we'll ever have to use it.

Quality Parking

No parking on mud. The parking area consists of gravel and concrete blocks.

Comfortable Shuttle

We run nonstop shuttle service to and from the airport in our comfortable, air-conditioned vans. We also have child seats.

Book your parking spot in advance - demand for parking at Václav Havel Airport is great, places are limited.
But we’re sure to always have one extra just for you!

Parking at Prague Airport - What Do Our Customers Say

Price List for Our Parking at Prague Airport

Transfer from the car park to Ruzyně Airport and back is included in the price. Prices are calculated from each starting day. If you exceed the time of the reservation, the surcharge fee is 100 crowns for each additional day.
Number of days Summer prices 1/6. - 30/9. Winter prices 1/10 - 31/5
1 600 Kč 500 Kč
2 600 Kč 600 Kč
3 700 Kč 600 Kč
4 700 Kč 600 Kč
5 800 Kč 650 Kč
6 800 Kč 700 Kč
7 900 Kč 700 Kč
8 1000 Kč 750 Kč
9 1100 Kč 800 Kč
10 1200 Kč 850 Kč
11 1200 Kč 900 Kč
12 1300 Kč 950 Kč
13 1400 Kč 1000 Kč
14 1400 Kč 1000 Kč
15 1500 Kč 1050 Kč
16 1500 Kč 1100 Kč
17 1600 Kč 1100 Kč
18 1600 Kč 1200 Kč
19 1700 Kč 1200 Kč
20 1700 Kč 1300 Kč
21 1800 Kč 1300 Kč
22 1800 Kč 1400 Kč
23 1900 Kč 1400 Kč
24 1900 Kč 1400 Kč
25 2000 Kč 1400 Kč
26 2000 Kč 1500 Kč
27 2100 Kč 1500 Kč
28 2100 Kč 1500 Kč
29 2200 Kč 1600 Kč
30 2200 Kč 1600 Kč
31 2300 Kč 1600 Kč

Booking Your Place in the Parking Lot at the Airport is a Breeze

Contact us - either by phone, e-mail or via the form directly here on the page.
We’ll need to know some booking details - your name, email and phone number, the number of people who will travel with you. And above all, the time of your planned arrival and departure.
We will confirm your reservation by email and will be looking forward to seeing you.
You will arrive at our car park on the given time, our shuttle driver will be already waiting for you. You park the car at our lot, make the payment (in cash or by card) and we will drive you to your terminal in a few minutes.
On the day of your return, call us once your plane lands. We will pick you up again and take you back to your car. You can drive home and perhaps use our parking at Prague Airport next time too!

More About our Parking at Václav Havel Airport

Our staff already has extensive experience in providing top parking services.

Due to the exorbitant prices of official parking at Prague Ruzyně Airport, many companies have already taken the opportunity to offer parking spaces of their own. However, many lack the necessary quality of parking and security services.

We, on the other hand, try to compete not only with friendly prices, but also with a high quality of our parking lot, an emphasis on the safety of your car, and a lightning fast shuttle service from the parking lot to Ruzyně Airport and back again.

Non-stop, all year round!

Parking at Prague Airport FAQ

Our parking lot is about 8-minute drive from Václav Havel Airport.
Yes, our parking lot is fenced and guarded by security guards and cameras.
Yes, advance booking is required to park with us.
Of course, if anything changes, let us know and we will cancel or adjust the reservation.
If possible, arrive at the latest at the booked time, preferably 15-20 minutes earlier.
You pay upon arrival at our parking lot, you can choose to pay in cash or by card.
Yes, we are equipped with child seats.
As soon as your plane lands, call us and we will send a van to pick you up and drive you back to your car in a moment.
If the plane is delayed by a bit, no worries, we’ll just come pick you up as soon as you land. However, in the event of a multi-day delay, you will have to pay a CZK 100 fee for each day beyond the original reservation.
Safe, insured, with non-stop shuttle service.
This is the Prgparking car park. Leave your car where you don’t have to worry about its safety. Leave it with us.

Contact info

Work phone:

+420 731 229 209

You can find us at:

U Prioru 1076/5, 161 00 Praha 6, Ruzyně